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Size 2, Zebrawood

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Weight: 13-15 grams
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I just had to name one of the models in my collection of Turkish spindles “Athena”. She is the Greek goddess of wisdom, arts, crafts and skill.

Athena is available in 4 sizes and in several types of wood. Both the size and the type of wood are of influence of the weight of the spindle.

Spindles in size 1 weigh between 8 and 12 grams and are designed to spin the thinnest yarns like lace. The cross of this size is 7,5 cm.

Spindles in size 2 weigh somewhere between 13 and 25 grams and are therefor more versatile. Of course you can spin lace on one, but sock weight yarn will be spun just as easy on these spindles. The cross of this size is 10 cm.

If you want to spin thicker yarns, pick a spindle in size 3. They weigh between 22 and 30 grams and are very suitable for sock weight yarn to yarns for 4 mm needles. The cross of this size is 12 cm.

Size 4 contains the powerhouses! Spindles up to 50 grams or even heavier depending on the type of wood can be found here. You’ll be able to spin the thickest yarns on these spindles. The cross of this size is 13,5 cm.

Are you just starting to spin on a spindle and you don’t know which one to choose? It might help to figure out what kind of yarn you want to be able to spin on your new spindle. The different models all spin alike, so choosing between models is a matter of personal taste!

Still really clueless? Then we would like to advise you to pick a spindle with a weight around 25 grams. It’s the most versatile weight and the easiest spindle to start with.

Of course it’s also possible to visit Studio Spintol at one of the yarn festivals in the Netherlands. You can try them all for yourself and we will help you figure out which spindle is your perfect fit!

Turkish spindles in sizes 1 and 2 will be delivered in a hand picked recycled beautiful tin. The other sizes will be delivered in a playful, chirpy and of course recycled and therefore sustainable casing.

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