Solid wood sock blocker, per piece


European walnut solid wood sock blocker, cleverly designed: each sock blocker has two sizes, one at the top, and one at the bottom.

Available sizes:
S/M: shoe sizes 35-37,5 and 38-40
M/L: shoe sizes 38-40 and 41-43
L/XL: shoe sizes 41-43 and 44-46

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In stock

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Most sock blockers available are made of plastics, or thin layers of pressed wood. Since you’ll be putting wet socks on them, it is inevitable that water will damage the layers and the sock blockers. They won’t last a life time like these beauties will!
A finish of multiple layers of high quality oil will keep them save.

The sock blockers are made with lots of love, care and attention and are cleverly designed too: each sock blocker has two sizes, one at the top and one at the bottom.

They are available in three sizes:
S/M: shoe size 35-37,5 one side and 38-40 at the other side.
M/L: shoe size 38-40 one side and 41-43 at the other side.
L/XL: shoe size 41-43 one side and 44-46 at the other side.

Please note! We stopped selling our sock blockers in a set. Why? We fully realise that the purchase price of our sock blockers is higher than most other sock blockers. However, you don’t REALLY need two sock blockers in the same size. You can easily block your socks one at the time with a little patience. Besides, a lot of people knit socks one at the time too.
Our sock blockers already have two sizes in one sock blocker. So if you really wanna have two sock blockers, you could think about buying one in another size and expand your range in sizes. Extremely sustainable and conscious <3.

So how do you use sock blockers?

  • Wash your socks, or let your socks soak for about twenty minutes in warm water.
  • Then squeeze, don’t wring, them out in a towel.
  • You aim for towel dry socks. If they’re still dripping, your socks are too wet. No wooden product can deal with that amount of water without losing its shape.
  • Place them on the sock blockers one at the time and hang them to dry, or lay them on a towel until they’re completely dry. Never let them dry on something like a heater because your sock blockers won’t be flat anymore once fully dried.
  • Enjoy your comfy fitting socks with all the stitches showing off!

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Dimensions 15 cm

S/M, M/L, L/XL