Ergonomic crochet hooks, long


7, Spalted beech


Length: 21,5 cm, diameter: 23 mm
5,75, Teak


Length: 20,5 cm, diameter: 21 mm
5,75, Walnut


Length: 19 cm, diameter: 20 mm
8, Cherry


Length: 20 ,5cm, diameter: 24 mm
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Ergonomic designed crochet hooks can make your crochet life a lot more comfortable because of their unique grip. You’ll hold your crochet hook much more relaxed and you’ll probably be able to crochet longer without discomfort in your hands.

Crocheting with a ergonomic crochet hook will feel strange at first, so take some time to get used to it. Of course it is also very important to pick a hook that is right for you.
That’s why I’d much rather sell my crochet hooks face to face so you can test them all and I can help you find the perfect one. However, I’m gonna give you some tips to help you pick one online too.

First of all, it is good to know how you hold your crochet hook, with a “pencil” or a “knife” grip. The funny thing is that most people have to grab a crochet hook right now to find out how they hold it!

Pencil grip
If you hold your crochet hook like a pencil, I’d like to recommend a short ergonomic crochet hook. A long crochet hook is probably too long and therefore too heavy at the end. If you still really want a long one, please make sure you pick a light-weighted crochet hook.
Another thing pencil grip crocheters seem to prefer is a relative thin ergonomic crochet hook (around 17 mm).
About aesthetics… I can imagine you’re drawn to a certain model, however, pencil grip crocheters seem to prefer to hold smooth models without bumbs at the side of the hook.

Knife grip
For knife grip crocheters, length doesn’t seem to matter that much. The diameter is less important than for pencil grip holders as well, although I would suggest you only order a crochet hook with a really large diameter if you have large hands, or when you already know that you find that comfortable.
Then the aesthetics again: all models seem to feel very comfortable for knife grip holders, so pick the one you like most!

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